Welcome to"The World's Easiest 5k" where the PE​RSON WHO FINISHES IN THE MIDDLE IS THE WINNER!

OUR GOAL is to remake the 5k experience by making average special and breaking the traditional idea of what it means to be physically fit. 

​OUR MISSION is to encourage and promote a healthier lifestyle for the Average Joe and Jane who has the determination to go out and try their best.


Step 1:  Drink a cup o’ Joe and enjoy donuts provided

Step 2:  Warm-up with a local fitness instructor

Step 3:  Walk or run the course.

Step 4:  Finish the race with the average time (Finish in the Middle)

Step 5:  Celebrate!


We love the opportunity to partner with charities to help shine a light on their amazing work within society and highlight the causes they stand for. For more information on how Average Joe Run works with charities, visit our charity link.


Interested in nominating your charity for the event in your community? Email us at mippolito@averagejoerun.com